Anchor Bolts & U-Bolts Made in Edmonton

At Buckster's Xylan Coatings Ltd., we provide our clients with any size or shape of bolt, u-bolt, stud, or anchor bolts in Edmonton that they might need. Thanks to our wealth of industry knowledge, we can supply each customer with a large variety of customized equipment varying from anchor bolts in Edmonton, double ended studs, sandblasting and more!

We make sure to stamp each piece with our initials (BXC), so you know we manufactured it. Trust us to manufacture the specific u-bolts and anchor bolts your enterprise requires.

Xylan-Perfect for Industrial Applications

If you work in the greater Edmonton area, you might be involved in an oil industry collaboration. The extreme weather conditions and temperatures at the oil fields often take their toll on even the most durable equipment.

For this reason, Buckster's Xylan Coatings Ltd. strives to provide parts that handle extreme heat and weight, along with the regular wear and tear. One such aspect of our equipment that sets us apart is the use of Xylan coatings.

Using fluoropolymer (Xylan) coatings, we design each fastener and component to resist corrosion. The longer your machinery resists corrosion, the longer its lifespan and functionality. Our coated bolts contain useful dry-film lubricants for added protection and flexibility.

Anchor Bolts in Edmonton and More

If you need any service, from sandblasting to threading and coating, consult Buckster's Xylan Coatings Ltd. Above all else, we're committed to customer satisfaction, which is why we offer a wide array of services and custom-made products. These include:

  • Cutting
  • MOLY-MIST™ coating
  • Custom-made u-bolts and anchor bolts
  • Threading
  • Double-ended studs
  • Specialty bolts, studs, and valves

We also offer a variety of Xylan specifications, including:

  • Xylan 1070
  • Xylan 1424
  • Xylan 1425
  • Xylan 1052

We can also create different specifications at your business's request. If you seek a Xylan-coated part in blue, black, red, or green, we can meet your needs. Our variety of Xylan types and colors emphasize our customer-focused atmosphere.

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From Edmonton to Vancouver, Buckster's Xylan Coatings Ltd. is the big name in anchor bolts manufacturing and distribution. For more specific part information or product specifications, contact us at 780‑463‑2250 today.

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